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Episode 15 – ‘Princess Vs. Dragon’

Episode 15 – ‘Princess Vs. Dragon’ published on No Comments on Episode 15 – ‘Princess Vs. Dragon’

My six year old daughter Sienna overheard me complaining that I didn’t have time to draw comics for the website anymore and she decided to help out by writing and drawing this episode of Streams.

I think it’s pretty funny. Maybe I should let her take over?

Welcome To Streams

Welcome To Streams published on No Comments on Welcome To Streams

Way back in the 1990’s, a friend gave me a relational psychology quiz and I responded with the above comic strip. She thought I wasn’t taking the quiz seriously but I actually did put a lot of thought into my answers.

Years later, while cleaning out my studio, I stumbled upon ‘Forest’ again. It make me laugh and I got a sudden urge draw more strips about the things I think about all day.

And so there you have it. Welcome to Streams.

Episode 4 – ‘Homebrew’

Episode 4 – ‘Homebrew’ published on No Comments on Episode 4 – ‘Homebrew’

Yes, it’s true, this comic strip was entirely drawn on a Nintendo DS Lite.

I’d like to thank Michael Sisk for showing me how to get the video part of ‘Homebrew’ embedded in his excellent Webcomic interface! Michael also created Inkblot, the WordPress theme for our comics.

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